Title Page




Negotiation – M T C Cronin                                                                                       

The Natives Came Bearing Gifts – M T C Cronin   

My Own Pompeii – M T C Cronin

Look for It Here – M T C Cronin 

A Good Night’s Rest – M T C Cronin

Antithesis,  A Letter from the Dead – Adrian D’Ambra     

Being Poor – Rae Desmond Jones

Skateboarder – David J Cookson  

Cliffs with Kestrel – David J Cookson

Cliff Path – David J Cookson  

Shadows on the Dance Floor – Gary Dunne

Wintering – James Bradley  

Experiments with Cockroaches – Coral Hull 

Mirror City – Margaret Bradstock   

Pearl River, Guangzhou – Margaret Bradstock

Nushu – Margaret Bradstock

Dragon Gate, Yunnan Province – Margaret Bradstock                                            

Last Stories – John O’Brien                                                                                       

True Confessions – joanne burns                                                                               

footloose – joanne burns                                                                                           


Wintering by Victor Kelleher. Reviewed by Jack Beasley                              ..          

Praise by Andrew McGahan. Reviewed by Jo Staford.                                 ..           


The more things change…..small presses
and magazines then and now. – Mark Roberts                                                          

Artwork and Photographs

Narelle Adair -Picnic Girl     

Karen Jackson – Three Illustrations

Lucie Adair-Roberts – Two Photographs                                                                  

Back Cover

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